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© The Satelliters, 2017 THE SATELLITERS are unarguably THE German 60s Garage Punk-band number one - since 1993 they have produced 10 LPs, a 10' and more than a dozen singles, which were released by some of the finest record labels of today's Garage-scene (among others DIONYSUS, SCREAMING APPLE, CHAPUTA and of course SOUNDFLAT RECORDS) and established their very own SATELLITERS-signature sound, that combines an authentic 60s garage-sound (recorded with original vintage equipment only) containing just the right amount of fuzz-guitar, hammond organ, harp, a psychedelic Freakbeat-influence and the unmistakable vocals of lead singer Steve. Their brand new album 'Zahstethomalex' is no less remarkable than its predecessors. As usual, the boys shine with both their cover- versions, such as their fantastic fuzzy version of 'Driving Sideways On A One-Way Street' (original by MERELL FRANKHAUSER), as well as their own compositions, such as the catchy 'Into Your Eyes' or 'My Illusion', that has a cool, fuzzy sound slightly resembling the one of THE SEEDS. The album is definitely also not short of a psychedelic/Freakbeat influence, which is apperent in the instrumental 'Pandora's Wonderland' for example or in the soft, dreamy 'As I Tried' with its gloomy, distorted vocals . Altogether this album is no less than what you'd expect from the fantastic SATELLITERS: an absolutely thrilling mixture of fuzzy 60s-Garagepunk, psychedelic Freakbeat-influence and fabulous vocals.A fantastic record through and through! WOOF - here comes a garagepunk-record of a very different kind! THE BARKELLITERS are four doggish SATELLITERS-Fans, who cover their favourite songs of their favourite band on this debut-single - that way 'Teenage Trashbone' turns into 'Teenage Woof Woof', 'Shame On You' (originally by Neal Ford & The Fanatics) into 'Shame on Woof', danceparty-favourite 'Abba' by THE PARAGONS in SATELLITERS-version becomes 'Let Me Hear You Say Woof' and lastly we get totally lost in woof in their version of 'Lost In Time'. Fronthound Buck McWuff with his unmistakable bark, Barfy on the guitar, who delivers a highly authentic Satelliters-Sound, that makes the difference un- noticeable, Dogbert on bass-guitar and with backing-barkings, and finally Thirsty Rexi on the drums together form these barkulous four, the so-called BARKELLITERS, whose sound reminds one a little of the 'Beatle Barkers'-album by the WOOFERS & TWEETERS ENSEMBLE. Some proper barkingaction is happening here, that's for sure - the dogs definitely know how to add the right amount of animal-touch to their garagepunk and how to make that work! The puppies were thankfully supported by their friends (sheep and goats) from the countryside, who recorded some of the backing-vocals and thereby added the right details to make this a round record. A must for all 'garage-dogs' and any human garagepunk-fan, who isn't scared of the new and doesn't take himself too seriously. 100% trash-factor!   EP "I SAID WOOF WOOF WOOF" SOUNDFLAT RECORDS/ GERMANY Release-date: OUT NOW!! Distribution: BROKEN SILENCE/ GERMANY